Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Our clients understand that customer relationship management (CRM) is anything but just another project. It’s an organization-wide business strategy that supports, measures, and values customer relationships. CRM is an opportunity to use technology to organize, redesign, and automate your business processes for sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. As your organization invests in CRM, you will retain more of your current customers while finding, attracting, and winning new customers.

Powerful CRM

Manage leads, contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. See everything from background, email history, events, projects or opportunities.

Project Management

Make sure you’re on top of your project at every stage – track project activity and performance against milestones.

Business Overview and Reports

Look at your business any way you want with task dashboard, activity sets, reports and more.

Key Integrations

Integration with email, Box, Dropbox, Outlook 2013/Office 365 Business Edition, and more.

  • What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

    CRM is a set of process that have been developed using technology to increase business profit by better customer interaction. It not only uses a proper system but also blends culture along with a proper organized business structure.Customer service and support, and enterprise marketing management are among the main CRM areas of Corwhite CRM. It helps in creating a satisfactory customer experience to your current clients and even helps you to acquire new ones. To get new customers is not only a time consuming but an expensive effort too.

  • Why CRM software?

    CRM software helps us to get an updated information about the customers by combining the human work force with latest updated technology. This helps us to know more about our customers and their behavior, which in turn can be used for thorough analysis of the customers for future sales and maintaining customer information.

  • How CRM software can help for service and support industry?

    CRM software helps to get customer information from various sources; assign the cases to the appropriate support team; it helps to store the solution in the customer history which can be used in future as a reference of the same customer or to give solution to another customer over the same issue; in case of serious issues, issues can be escalated to the senior officials; helps to identify the areas where the company needs to improve the service.

    Corwhite CRM provides helps to build up your business by providing you the best IT solutions using the latest technologies and best CRM integration.

  • What is CRM going to change in the sales and marketing campaign?

    CRM helps the sales manager to monitor and analyze the teams sales activities. It helps him to know the current status of the team. He can predict the future sales and plan accordingly. For a sales representatives, it helps him to get the history of his customers easily which in turn provides him more time to plan the sales. The cloud based CRM provides the marketers to easily track down the sales leads and their sources and then send the leads to the right sales person.


Implementing new-age Customer Relationship Management solutions provide you with 360-degree view of customer interaction and help you ensure customer satisfaction, new customer acquisition and reduce service costs.

Corwhite provides end-to-end automation of customer-centric processes including sales, support, and service. Our CRM solutions give real-time access to complete key customer data to ensure customer support while driving upsell and cross-sell techniques.



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